Sunday, June 24, 2012

Updates Post Vulvar Vestibulectomy Surgery 6 months

Hi Everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I have posted anything. I continued physical therapy until the end of April and since then have been too busy to continue. I now do some stretching exercises a few times a week using a latex glove and a little lidocaine gently stretching the vaginal opening. Sometimes sex is 90% or more painless!!! This is great! The new lidocaine gel prescription seems to be working much better than the old variety I was using. The best (most pain free)  time of the month seems to be a week after my period ends up until a week before it begins. After that it seems to be more painful and I'm not sure if that has to do with changing hormones or levels or discharge. I always put lidocaine on the irritated area at least 5 minutes before intercourse and I will just keep doing what I'm doing for now.  After another month or two of really pin pointing the days when I have the most pain during intercourse, I will bring it up with my obgyn at my annual. I am fully healed from surgery and there is no noticeable difference in the area. I also am staying away from birth control pills for now and have only been using condoms which works well for the time being.

Sorry I have not been responding to comments... I set it up so I am supposed to receive emails every time someone posts but it seems many of them are ending up in my spam folder. Thanks for reading and I will update as soon as anything changes.


  1. So is the area in which you had the surgery no longer causing you discomfort. And is the discomfort you feel now due to muscle tightness or do you still feel discomfort around the vestibule?

  2. There is still some discomfort around the vestibule but definitely less than before. I've been bad about using dilators lately and stretching down there, but I find that things are much better when I do on a regular basis. I also think that it changes throughout the month so I wonder if hormones play a role in how acidic vaginal discharge is. I'm going to look into dietary options for neutralizing discharge and I think water consumption is going to play a big role in that.

  3. Do mind telling me what kind of lidocaine you use or I guess the percentage. And over all do you think that getting the surgery was worth it?

  4. Hi there! I am currently using Lidocaine 3% gel but I'm not sure what the base is and that I think is what made the most difference. I will ask my pharmacist to see if he can give me the name. Overall I do think surgery was worth it but I think it's very important to work with a doctor who has done it before and makes you feel confident. I also think it's important to note the different ways this surgery can be done and that I only had a small amount of tissue removed. I also have to say that physical therapy made a HUGE difference after surgery and I highly recommend it once if not twice a week (once the area is healed at about 6weeks+). I found my muscles really tightening up after the procedure. It was really a combination of treatments that helped me but the surgery definitely had a big impact.

    1. Your blog is so inspiring! I am so thankful to of stumbled upon it. And yes please let me know what the base of the lidocaine is once you find out. Thanks for keep up with the blog!!